About Us

Our Message

-Provided, with a leading management vision, high-quality service and performance in public business, construction and construction and for mutual benefit to clients and partners.

-Keep technical progress on construction in the future.

-Upgrading of service delivery in operation and maintenance.

Our Vision

Saudi Milaf Company, with its assets, capabilities and expertise, aspires to be among the best public contractors in Saudi Arabia “in the short term” in accordance with the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the promising investment opportunities that it will offer in the construction and construction sector, with continued commitment to the highest quality and mastery.

Our Mission

Saudi Milaf Company goal is to preserve the fundamental values that have characterized it throughout its history, such as adherence to health and safety controls, preservation of the environment, and to ensure the foundations of the relationship with its internal audience and staff, based on the principles of trust, mutual respect, success and desired progress.

Our Goals:

  • Contribute to the conversion of 4G networks to 5G.
  • Upgrading and development of building and construction levels.
  • Proliferation and expansion.
  • To become the first option for the parties, interests, companies, institutions and individuals, and to remain the place of confidence and pride of all our clients.
  • Attracting more customers in the future.
  • Maximum quality and safety standards.

Our values

-Distinction as a first priority, mutual profit, and building high-quality projects for actors, customers and society, with the highest levels of construction and construction.

-Qualified and professional task forces with competence and expertise.

-To meet the needs, wishes and aspirations of our clients.

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Mon – Thu 11:30 – 22:00 clock
Fri – Sat 11:30 – 24:00 clock

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121 King Street, Melbourne
Victoria 3000 Australia